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Website design company in Pretoria understands the consumer’s interaction with the online marketplace.

There are valuable secondary benefits from SEO like brand awareness and an increase in website traffic

Social Media marketing is
a shape of Internet advertising and marketing seeking to popularize your emblem

Digital Marketing Pretoria build brand identity and propel awareness of your products and services with our graphic design services.

WordPress CMS (Content Management System) has made the process of website design and development process quite an easy task

Your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services.


About the company

We are 20+ years of experienced international Digital Marketing Agency

We tried to put all the information about our business and services but if there’s anything missing or not clear, please feel free to call us at +27 0642463678 and we’ll be happy to solve your query. In these days of electronic communication best option is to talk face to face when money matters.

What do we do?

We call ourselves a digital marketing agency with advanced hands on experience. Clients come to us because they realize that effective online marketing isn’t just about having a beautifully designed website. It’s about having a deep understanding of the web and using that knowledge and experience to deliver measurable results.

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What we Specialized with the business?

We’re experienced in digital planning, account handling, SEO friendly web designing, information sharing and strategy development, plus we have collaborated with different freelancers in different countries.

We have experience of working with B2B, B2C and small business sectors that said, the team at “Digital Marketing PTA” has worked across a huge range of clients so there isn’t an area we’d rule out.  We think that our expertise can apply to any sector. See our Work

We take an active and daily interest in all our accounts, we make an effort to see our clients face to face as often as possible and we encourage our clients to give us call if they ever have any problems or concerns in physical meeting.

We love to add real, measurable differences to help build your business’ online web presence and deliver clear bottom line oriented solutions.

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