Article marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise an online business. With the global economy in the shape it is this form of internet advertising should be an integral component of any online entrepreneurs marketing strategy.

Let’s look at unique benefits writing and distributing articles online can offers any business on a budget.

Global Articles Distribution

When you submit articles to the article directories you are creating the potential for your articles to appear on every corner of the planet. Being the internet is a globally based community your online articles are now accessible to anyone anywhere with an interest in the topic you wrote about. In addition to this there is no time limit on how long your article stays in distribution. An article written today could still be in circulation 2 or three years from now depending upon the quality of content within your article.

Recycle Your Articles

The more articles you incorporate into your marketing strategy the more content you now have to use in other areas of your marketing mix. These articles can be restructured for use as blog posts or perhaps you can create a series of emails out of just one article.

If you have a number of related articles you may consider combining them into one cohesive product such as an e-book. Now you have a product you can distribute for free to increase the exposure of your online business, use as a giveaway to build a list of subscribers, or sell for a profit.

Increases Credibility

The last benefit mentioned here is one you can’t get from any other form of online advertising and that is credibility. When you submit articles for circulation on the internet the content is usually helpful, informative, or useful in some form or fashion to many readers. It stands to reason that the more you submit the more credibility you build with readers. This then translates into the perception of the author as being somewhat of an expert on the subject. In turn you now have gained more trust from your readers. This should benefit both you and your online business being your marketing efforts will be more effective.

As you can see article marketing offers some unique advantages not found in other forms of online advertising. Besides the multi-faceted use of just one article within your marketing strategy you can also continue to benefit from published articles well into the future. Does your business include article writing in the marketing plan?

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As you can see article marketing offers some unique advantages not found in other forms of online advertising.