SEO-High-PR-Backlink Building Pretoria


2 Types of backlinks – from DA 35+ & from DA 20+ websites

Links from category relevant websites/pages

Links from low OBL (out bound amount of links) pages

All backlinks are contextual (surrounded with relevant text)

All backlinks are do-follow

All Links are from Real, Active Sites With Traffic

Guest post backlinks will come only from relevant DA 22+ websites

At least 5 types of backlinks are used for each campaign

Expected Results After Using Any of our Packages

Top Rankings for Most of Promoted Keywords

You will experience significant ranking increase for keywords you promoted with our service.

Rankings Increase for Other (Similar) Keywords

Due to synergy effect, you’ll experience ranking increase for other keywords, similar to your promoted keywords

Significant Traffic Increase

Usually we need about 2 months to deliver first significant increase in rankings and few month more to deliver significant traffic increase

Your Website DA Will Increase

Thanks to high quality links from websites with high domain authority, the domain authority of your website will increase.

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