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Facebook Advertising

Since 2007 Facebook advertising was the best way to connect with your customers. Facebook has more than 2.7 Billion active users per month on its platform. A chance to miss your targetted audience is equal to 0.00% knowing that platform offers various ways to gather data and target your audience.

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Instagram Advertising

2012 – the year when Instagram was bought by Facebook. Throughout the years Instagram became the biggest pictures platform in the world. 95 Million pictures are uploaded on the platform per day. 1 Billion active users per month are on this platform sharing their pictures categorizing them by using #hashtags.
Instagram Advertising is controlled from Facebook Ads Manager same as Facebook advertising has a lot of ways to target specific audience.

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Pinterest Advertising

If you are running an online store and have lots of images – Pinterest is the right place to advertise and “PIN” your products. Pinterest has 400 Million active users since August 2020. If you are looking to drive free traffic and invest a percentage of your budget in Pinterest advertising to make sales conversions – Pinterest is the right choice in the advertising strategy.

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Twitter Advertising


Twitter Advertising Campaign Management Services Provider Agency Based in Pretoria.


LinkedIn Advertising



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Google Advertising

Google Ads or Googles AdWords Campaign

Campaign Configuration / Setup

Campaign Management

YouTube Advertising


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